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At the Six Nations tournament, all eyes turn to the iconic Stade de France for the clash between France and Wales.


The air is charged with anticipation as fans gather to witness this spectacle of rugby prowess. Amidst the fervour, VIP and corporate guests are treated to an unparalleled France v Wales Six Nations hospitality experience within the illustrious walls of the Stade de France. From the moment they enter the exclusive suites, guests are enveloped in luxury and sophistication, with every detail meticulously curated to ensure an unforgettable rugby encounter.

Within the confines of the France Six Nations VIP and corporate hospitality areas, guests enjoy prime seating offering unobstructed views of the intense battle unfolding on the field below. Whether cheering on the formidable French team or admiring the tenacity of the Welsh players, every moment is savored in comfort and style. Furthermore, France v Wales Six Nations corporate hospitality at the Stade de France provides an ideal setting for networking and client entertainment, fostering valuable connections amidst the excitement of world-class rugby.


With access to exclusive amenities and insights from rugby experts, guests are treated to a truly immersive experience that combines the thrill of the game with the epitome of luxury.

france v wales six nations corporate hospitality

VIP Lounge

A festive atmosphere, refined dishes, receive your guests in a lounge a few steps away from your seats.

VIP Lounge Hospitality Package Includes:

  • A higher category ticket in side stand

  • Located a few steps from your seats, the lounge is accessible before and after the event

  • Refined Seated meal

  • Champagne, selected wines, alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Parking (1 space for 4 people)

  • Gift for each of your guest

  • On the rugby matches, speech of a rugby expert in the lounge

  • Minimum purchase of 2 seats per booking
    Privative table only for orders of 10 or 12 seats

VIP Lounge

Le Club VIP Lounge​

Give your guests a gourmet deal at Stade de France's panoramic restaurant.

Le Club VIP Lounge Hospitality Includes:

Bookings from 4 guests and above.

  • Direct access to the stand from the lounge

  • A panoramic view over the arena

  • Gourmet seated meal served by Maison Lenôtre and imagined by Guy Krenzer (winner of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award), or cocktail dinner*

  • A higher-category ticket for a side stand

  • Champagne/wine/spirits/soft drinks at will

  • Parking pass (1 pass every 2 tickets purchased)

  •  Gift for each guest

  • On the rugby matches, speech of a rugby expert in the lounge

  • * depending on the event. Seated meal package, bookings for even numbers only/private tables for four or more people.

Elyseum Lounge

Enjoy a unique dining experience in the Presidential Lounge at Stade de France.

Elyseum Lounge Hospitality Includes:

  • From 4 to up, your package includes per person :

  • A gold category ticket in the stand located in the Presidential block T1/T2/T3

  • A seated dinner served in the Elyseum Lounge, with direct access to your seats & a panoramic view of the arena

  • Tea served during the intermission

  • Unlimited champagne, wines, spirits and soft drinks throughout the evening

  • Access to the Presidential Lounge 2 hours before the show, during the intermission and after the show

  • A Carmen programme offered to each guest

  • 1 parking space for 2 packages purchased

  • Binoculars offered to each purchaser

  • Private table for any order of 10 people

Elyseum Lounge

Shared VIP Box

Offer your guests a private box experience they will talk about afterwards

Shared VIP Box Hospitality Includes:

  • Book from 2 to 8 seats to live the VIP experience with your guests

  • Private outdoor corporate box

  • Inventive cuisine 

  • Champagne/wine/spirits/soft drinks at will

  • Privileged welcome with parking (1 place for 2) and entrance through VIP gates E or T

  • Gift for each guest

  • A dedicated service staff for you and your guests

  • Permanent admission to private boxes' bar and official products

  • Le Studio Photo: your guests each receive a collector photo of the event

  • Activities: tasting sessions, contests etc.

Shared VIP Box

Private VIP Box

For a 4 or 5-hour period, your guests will make them feel like home. As you welcome them inside a private area suited to paying very close attention to their needs, it will be that much easier to break the ice and to understand the challenges and psychology of your partners, prospective customers and opinion leaders.

Private VIP Box Hospitality Includes:

10, 12, 16 or 28 seats.

  • Private corporate box with a panoramic view of the arena

  • Direct access to your private stand from the box

  • Cocktail dinner served all event long

  • Inventive cuisine by Maison Lenôtre designed by Guy Krenzer, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

  • Champagne, wines, spirits, and soft drinks at will

  • One parking space (1 for 2)

  • A gift per guest

  • A dedicated service staff for you and your guests

  • Permanent admission to private boxes bar and official products stand

  • Activities all along the event

Private Box

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Ultimate Hospitality's experienced corporate hospitality sales team will be able to talk you through your bespoke event requirements in order to recommend the perfect hospitality packages to suit your needs.

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