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calendar of vip and corporate events 2024



Our 2024/25 calendar of VIP and corporate hospitality events stands out as the epitome of exclusivity, offering an unparalleled selection of experiences both within the UK and across the globe.


With an extensive array of meticulously curated events, ranging from prestigious sports competitions to cultural extravaganzas, our calendar ensures a diverse and unforgettable experience for our discerning clientele. Whether it's witnessing iconic moments at top-tier sporting events or indulging in the finest cultural and culinary delights, our calendar is designed to provide the utmost luxury and choice, making it the premier choice for those seeking the epitome of VIP hospitality.


Elevate your lifestyle with our unparalleled offerings and join us for an extraordinary journey through the most sought-after events worldwide in the 2024/25 season.

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Navigate the world of 2,000 exclusive event experiences effortlessly with our search tab, allowing you to tailor your VIP and corporate hospitality preferences based on location, favorite sports teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, England, Scotland or maybe try searching for specific event categories such as football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf etc and even refine your search by date. Discover unparalleled access to your preferred events and customise your luxury experience with just a click.

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Ultimate Hospitality's experienced corporate hospitality sales team will be able to talk you through your bespoke event requirements in order to recommend the perfect hospitality packages to suit your needs.

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