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Exclusive Access to VIP Red Carpet Film Premieres in the UK with Ultimate Hospitality

Experience the epitome of cinematic grandeur with Ultimate Hospitality, your gateway to the most coveted VIP Red Carpet Film Premieres in the UK. Our bespoke service provides unparalleled access to these glittering events, ensuring you step into the heart of the film industry's most glamorous moments. From the historic Leicester Square in London to other prestigious venues across the country, we offer an unrivaled opportunity to witness cinematic brilliance and mingle with the stars in an atmosphere of pure cinematic enchantment.

With Ultimate Hospitality, you gain entry to the UK's most sought-after Red Carpet Film Premieres, where the crème de la crème of the film industry converges. As you walk down the iconic red carpet, you'll find yourself amidst Hollywood A-listers, acclaimed directors, and other industry luminaries, creating an experience that transcends the silver screen.


 Trust Ultimate Hospitality to make your Red Carpet Film Premiere experience an unforgettable journey into the heart of cinematic magic.

Red Carpet events


The below timings are typical for London Film Premieres taking place Monday – Friday:

4.45pm – Press pens open
5.30pm – Press pens close
5:30pm – Photographers draw
5.45pm – Talent arrivals
6.30pm – Doors open
7.30pm – Film on screen


Some of the below dates are the expected dates of the remaining films premieres for this year. The premieres are still to be confirmed:

March 2024

04th March – Kung Fu Panda 4

08th March – Imaginary

11th March – Drive-Away Dolls

12th March – Yodha

18th March – Immaculate

19th March – Arthur the King

20th March – Lisa Frankenstein

25th March – Ghostbusters: Frozen Empires

25th March – Mickey 17


April 2024

01st April – Monkey Man

02nd April – The First Omen

03rd April – Seize Them!

08th April – Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

15th April – Love Lies Bleeding

15th April – Hitpig

16th April – Abigail

22nd April – Challengers

23rd April – Civil War

24th April – The Ark & the Aardvark

27th April – The Fall Guy


May 2024

06th May – Tarot

13th May – Radical

13th May – The Strangers: Chapter 1

20th May – Kingdom of the Planets of the Apes

20th May – The Garfield Movie

21st May – Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

22nd May – IF


June 2024

03rd June – Ballerina

04th June – The Watchers

10th June – Inside Out 2

11th June – Bad Boys 4

24th June – A Quiet Place: Day 1


July 2024

01st July – Despicable Me 4

15th July – Twisters

16th July – The Full House

21st July – Deadpool 3

29th July – Trap


August 2024

05th August – Speak to Evil

06th August – Borderlands

12th August – Alien: Romulus

12th August – Untitled Alien Prequel

19th August – Untitled Kendrick Brothers Film

20th August – The Forge

26th August – Kraven The Hunter


September 2024

02nd September – Beetlejuice 2

23rd September – Saw XI

30th September – Joker: Folie à Deux


October 2024

14th October – Smile 2

15th October – The Crypto: Dark Justice


November 2024

04th November – Paddington in Peru

11th November – Wise Guys

18th November – Gladiator 2

19th November – Wicked


December 2024

10th December – The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim

16th December – Sonic the Hedgehog 3

17th December – Mufasa: The Lion King


January 2025

13th January – M3GAN 2.0


February 2025

10th February – Captain America: Brave New World


All tickets are Red carpet and Official Premiere.



Prices start from £2,500 to £5,995 per person depending on the film title, the cast in attendance and the popularity of the film.

All prices are per person and subject to VAT

Please kindly note:

We are not an informational site and will only provide information to our members or to our tickets holders

We do not deal with fan access outside the public barriers at premieres

We do not deal with press enquiries

Please do not contact us if tickets starting from £2,495 per person + Vat are outside your budget


If you have read the points above please feel free to contact us using the below form.


If you can't find the event you were looking for, it may be because it's not on our website just yet. However, we have a massive catalogue and it is highly likely that we can help you. Send us an enquiry now and one of our experienced corporate hospitality specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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