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Ultimate Hospitality offers an unrivaled level of luxury when it comes to event travel.

We provide a range of options to suit your needs, from helicopter and limousine transfers to private jets. Our team will work with you to tailor your travel to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our helicopter transfers offer a unique way to arrive at your event, with stunning aerial views and no traffic to contend with.  We can arrange transfers from a range of locations, including airports and hotels, to get you to your event quickly and in style.

If you prefer ground transportation, our fleet of luxury limousines are available to hire for a variety of events.  From airport transfers to corporate events and weddings, we provide a high-end service that is tailored to your needs.

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury travel, our private jet charters are the perfect option. With access to a range of aircraft, we can cater to groups of any size and provide a bespoke service that is tailored to your requirements.

Our event travel options are available for a range of events, including sports events, concerts, and corporate events. We work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Trust Ultimate Hospitality for your event travel needs and enjoy the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

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Limousine Hire

For a sizeable group such that of corporate groups, a limousine is the best mode of transportation you can use. It does not matter whether it is for navigation from one destination to another or for when you need to go from the airport, our limousine service will be able to eliminate the all the annoying hassles commonly experienced.

When you need to travel to a corporate event together with your business associates, it goes to say that you need to match that occasion by hiring a corporate limousine service to handle your transportation needs. Ultimate Hospitality are here to provide you with excellent service geared to provide you with the ultimate experience tugged with luxury and value the moment you step inside a limousine.

If it's class and excellence that you are looking for, our limousine services we have for you offer just what you need. 

Helicopter Hire

Maximise your time by using the advantages of helicopter hire.


Be treated to a VIP Service which gives you better security with a flexible timetable built around your own bespoke itinerary and travelling requirements. You will travel in a fast, efficient and flexible way, which means even the busiest of people will be able to attend those important events. Step out of the helicopter feeling refreshed and ready to go straight to your event. This is a bespoke, personal and discreet service, designed to make your journey a special part of the day rather than just a means of travelling. Private helicopter hire is a lifestyle option for the discerning passenger who values VIP Service levels. 

Private Jet Hire

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure a private jet allows you to customise your experience and arrive refreshed and ready to go. Amenities such as Wi-Fi and satellite phones keep you connected in-flight. Whatever your budget or desire, we will work to achieve it for you.

Private flights are all about you and your schedule. They can be arranged at short notice and offer flexibility if your itinerary changes. 


A Private jet hire allows you to avoid the frustrating congestion, delays, and security checkpoints of commercial flights. Just show up and you will be in the air within minutes. You can keep your luggage with you and we will even arrange your ground transportation. 

Whether for business or pleasure, once onboard you can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with private air travel. Fly at a time whilst enjoying world-class food and drink to suit any palate. 


If you can't find the ideal VIP hospitality package or the event you were looking for, it may be because it's not on our website just yet. However, we have a massive catalogue and it is highly likely that we can help you. Send us an enquiry now and one of our experienced corporate hospitality specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Ultimate Hospitality's experienced corporate hospitality sales team will be able to talk you through your bespoke event requirements in order to recommend the perfect hospitality packages to suit your needs.

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